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Looking to the Future

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"Indian languages are libraries of ancient knowledge. They hold answers for the future. When a language dies, that knowledge is lost forever."
2004-2005 Cultural Awareness Campaign
Circle of Tribal Advisors of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial

"Across the United States, there are more than 30 fully accredited tribal colleges, serving more than 30,000 American Indian students. The schools are located mostly on Indian reservations, providing access to higher education for those seeking an educational experience where cultural knowledge is as valued as rigorous academic standards."
American Indian College Fund
"To protect the gifts from the Creator, we are charged with imparting a strong cultural foundation to our young people by remembering our ancestors. We work with others to improve the future well being of our earth so that 200 years from now all people may experience the natural and cultural resources the Expedition encountered and documented 200 years ago."
Many Nations Many Voices museum exhibit
Circle of Tribal Advisors of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial
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